We have launched our 2023 Annual Appeal!

Photo: Lerato Maduna

Our students need your help and these five student support initiatives will benefit greatly from your generosity:

UK Alumni Bursary Programme

The UK-UCT Alumni Bursary Programme supported 30 undergraduate and 5 postgraduate students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds in 2022, thanks to generous donations from UK based UCT alumni.  Each year, more talented young students arrive at UCT without the financial backing to pursue their studies.  As little as £20 per month will help fund a first generation student through this programme.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the UCT Trust/UK Alumni Bursary for the immense support throughout the year. Your contribution does not go unnoticed, and I hope that one day I am able to provide the same support for other students as a result of your continued support throughout my academic career.”
UK Alumni Bursary recipient 2022

Unlocking Futures Bursaries

Government bursaries are available for the lowest income families, but this is often insufficient to cover all costs.  Each year, there are students who have completed the full academic requirements but cannot receive their degree certificates because they have a fee debt between R1,000 and R150,000. They have worked hard and deserve the bright future that a UCT qualification will give them.  For as little as £15 a month, you can help a deserving UCT student attain their graduation dream.  A single, larger donation of between £100 and £500 will help multiple students to graduate and enter the world of work. 

Photos by Robyn Walker

Student Wellness Services

Mental and emotional well-being are paramount to success. UCT is working hard to expand the raft of Student Wellness Service programmes that address students’ current and emerging wellness needs and directly increase their likelihood of academic success.  Your donation of £20 per month will give a student two sessions with a peer counsellor.  A one-off contribution of £300 will provide a student with eight sessions of crisis therapy.  Help us increase our capacity to support talented, future UCT graduates.

Food Sovereignty Programme

Nourishing young minds and bodies is vital. In 2022 and in the first half of 2023, UCT provided grocery packs each month and toiletries every second month. We need cash donations to expand the programme and ensure that no UCT student goes hungry. Your donation of £10 a month will provide a student with two days’ worth of food.  A one-off donation of £150 will enable a student to eat for a month. 

“Thank you for everything you have done for me – the groceries and vouchers for the whole year.  Please continue to help other students and please pass my gratitude to all your colleagues who contributed to giving vouchers to students in need. May God bless you, may God bless UCT.” 
Food Sovereignty Programme beneficiary

The 100UP Programme

This initiative is helping to widen access to tertiary education for school children from profoundly deprived backgrounds.  A two year coaching programme strives to build intellectual, social and cultural capital, and includes Saturday schools, weekend stays on campus, and assistance with applications to university.  This intervention has proved a great success since its inception but there is still a long way to go.  A gift of £50 per month will help a talented student from Khayelitsha to access and succeed at UCT.

No amount is too small to help create change! 

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Click here to hear from students how donor support has altered their educational journeys, along with their life paths. Watch these videos to see the impact your donation has on individual projects:

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