Dr Elaine Potter

Dr Elaine Potter has served on the Board of Trustees since 2010.  She was born in South Africa and lives in England.  She did her DPhil at Nuffield College, Oxford on the Political Role of the Press in South Africa, which was published as her first book. Thereafter she wrote for the Sunday Times and co-authored several Sunday Times books, including Suffer the Children: the Story of Thalidomide and Destination Disaster: From the Tri-Motor to the DC10. She has edited the holocaust memoir, A Jump for Life, and collaborated on The Murdoch Archipelago.

Dr Potter is a trustee of the following organisations: Trust for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism; the Centre for Investigative Journalism (Chair); openDemocracy, Limited; Index on Censorship. She is co-founder of the David and Elaine Potter Foundation.