Dr Bronwyn Gavine

Dr Bronwyn Gavine is a Clinical Fellow in Neurocritical and Intensive Care Medicine at Cambridge University Hospitals. Bronwyn studied Medicine at the University of Cape Town and graduated with 1st class honours. During her time at UCT, Bronwyn volunteered with SHAWCO Health, worked as the clinic head for Simthandile Clinic, and assisted in leadership and development of health education programmes. She was Vice-President of the UCT Surgical Society and in 2014 was the Deputy Chair of the organizing committee of the International Association of Student Surgical Societies (IASSS).

After graduation, she worked as a junior doctor in South Africa before moving to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, where she completed an MSc in Neuroscience. Bronwyn is currently completing her DPhil in Clinical Neuroscience also at the University of Oxford.

“I believe that the University of Cape Town provides students with a world class education: I am so grateful for the opportunities that were available to me both as a student at UCT and in subsequent years. I hope to support future generations of students to benefit from all that UCT has to offer”