Examples of UK Donor Generosity to UCT

UK-based UCT Alumni continue to give generously to the UCT Trust, supporting the Schools Improvement Initiative (SII), the Opera School, the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance and SHAWCO, as well as the UK Alumni Bursary which helps to fund students from disadvantaged backgrounds studying both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  Recent emergency appeals for the COVID Emergency Fund and the UCT Fire Fund have received substantial support from alumni and friends and we are deeply grateful.

The Wolfson Foundation has supported numerous important capital projects at UCT, such as a new building for the Institute for Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, the refurbishment of laboratories at UCT’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3D), a new residence building, state of the art microscopy equipment and, most recently, a generous grant to help establish the Neurosciences Institute (NI) – the first of its kind in Africa.  A number of UK-based alumni have also generously supported the NI, helping it to carry out its mission to advance research, training and advocacy through an interdisciplinary network of scientists and clinicians.

Two UK foundations are providing extensive support to the SII and the 100UP Programme – the Aurum Charitable Trust has been supporting the SII since 2016, while the Eighty-Eight Foundation has granted a substantial three year award (2021 to 2023) to help both the SII and the 100UP programme.

The Calleva Foundation, which has been funding bursaries in the Faculty of Health Sciences since 2006, has recently expanded and extended its bursary programme.  Linklaters LLP is supporting Law bursaries, and the Julian Baring Scholarship Fund is providing scholarships for postgraduate students who are pursuing mining-related research.  A number of alumni and friends have established their own bursary programmes in various disciplines.

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation’s Fellowship Programme at UCT was established in 2004, and continues to fund Masters and Doctoral scholarships to develop graduates who will contribute to civil society in South Africa.

 The UCT Trust would like to take this opportunity to thank these donors and the many others in the UK who are supporting UCT. 

 UK support is making an enormous difference in many different areas, and is ensuring that UCT stays at the forefront of academic excellence.

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