In South Africa one out of every three women experiences depression during or after pregnancy.  The majority of these live in deprived communities and many are often also coping with a lack of support, violence, HIV/Aids and substance abuse.

The Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP) is an innovative project, developing practical models for mental health service integration with a four pronged strategy : screening and providing psychiatric services free of charge, training  health workers, undertaking and disseminating research, and developing creative advocacy strategies.

The PMHP’s vision is for all women to have access to routine mental health care both during and after pregnancy as part of their regular maternal care.   Improving the well-being of mothers in distress is crucial for the wellbeing and positive development of impoverished communities.

The PMHP is a non-profit entity and is required to generate its own funds in order to continue its life changing work.  A donation of just £30 will enable the PMHP to screen ten women, while a gift of £330 will pay for the psychiatric treatment of three needy mothers.


Please consider making a contribution to help enable this enormously important and far reaching project to continue.

Please note that the above are just two of the projects currently being undertaken with UCT’s Faculty of Health Sciences.  To find out about other projects, please contact UCT Trust.