UCT Alumnus Christopher Danziger (M.A., M.Ed.) has been confirmed as the guest speaker when Vice-Chancellor, Dr Max Price and fellow alumni descend on Vintners’ Hall for the Vice-Chancellors annual UK reception.

The event takes place on Wednesday, May 10 2017.

Danzinger’s topic on the evening is “Putin’s foreign policy: need we feel threatened by it?”

Vintners’ Hall is a historic venue in the City of London. The Vintners’ Company is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London, and with its trade, social, charitable and educational interests, the Company continues to play an important role in the 21st century.

The original Vintners’ Hall was burnt down during the Great Fire of London, and construction of the present Hall took place in the 1670s. Minor changes and improvements were made during the Victorian era, and further alterations and elaborations have taken place over the years, but these have not affected the heart of this impressive and beautiful building.

Danziger was formerly a lecturer at UCT, and for the last fifteen years he has been a tutor in the Continuing Education Department of Oxford University. He first lectured at the UCT Summer School in 1977, and has done so regularly ever since. His special interests are the history of Napoleonic France and Romanov Russia, on both of which he has written extensively.

UCT Trust is most grateful to Orbis Investments who are kindly sponsoring the event. Orbis is a global investment firm affiliated to Allan Gray in South Africa. Founded in 1989, it manages over £20 billion of assets and is a private, employee-owned firm with offices across 5 continents.

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