The University of Cape Town has set up a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to assist in the fight against the virus and its impact on the UCT community. The goal is to raise ZAR 20 million towards addressing urgent priorities related to staff and student well-being during and after lockdown. This will assist the university to continue to function effectively, delivering its value to society through quality research and education.

COVID-19 response efforts to date have included activities such as providing transportation for students who needed to return home ahead of lockdown, disinfecting buildings as they were vacated, sourcing laptop computers and arranging their delivery to needy students, providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to essential staff members who needed to remain on campus, and purchasing data bundles for students to enable them to study from home. These responses will continue to evolve once staff and students begin to return to campus.

The funding will also be used to support vulnerable departments, such as the Baxter Theatre which is unable to generate income from shows during this time. Other initiatives, such as SHAWCO pop up clinics in vulnerable communities, require support to address the urgent needs of South African society.

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