The University of Cape Town’s Summer School offers over ninety short courses across a range of disciplines. It includes introductory language courses as well as creative writing and practical art.

Summer School 2021 will be delivered online, which means that participants can join this flagship programme from anywhere in the world. Summer School 2021 responds to Covid-19 with courses on the pandemic’s effects on our sleep and health, lessons and insights learned by a doctor at the frontline, a deep reading of Camus’s The Plague, a look at parliamentary oversight during lockdown, as well as an exploration of viruses and epidemics in history and the particular threat of Covid-19 to South Africa’s fragile democracy and social welfare safety net.

Current political issues are a feature of the programme: threats to democracy posed by the EFF, the return of racial science, state capture and the media, illicit trade, the future of
the European Union, decolonising the social sciences, the outlook for the 2021 municipal elections, and the ANC’s journey from founding aims to foundering.

Science offerings include the Chernobyl disaster, forensic science, the gut as the second brain, the problem of consciousness and breakthroughs provided by Moros Intrepidus and imaging black holes.

In the category Arts and Humanities, Summer School 2021 covers everything from the very ancient (St Thomas Backet, Rome, Greek art) to modern studies on Alfred Hitchcock, art novels, little-known books, Tolkien, J.M. Coetzee, and African literature. History buffs can choose from courses on Hitler, the German predicament, Jan Smuts, Churchill’s South Africa,
Burchell, Lady Anne Barnard, the Anglo-Boer War and the early mapping of the Cape.

Although most lectures will be delivered at a scheduled time of the day, some courses offer flexible hours in which the material can be studied. Summer School is run by the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Extra-Mural Studies.

You can browse by date on Webtickets, or by your favourite discipline in our brochure. Click here to download the UCT Summer School 2021 brochure.